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Book Review – Britain Against Napoleon

Britain Against Napoleon – The Organization of Victory 1793-1815, by Roger Knight.

In spite of its main title, the book covers the French Revolutionary War (1793-1802) as well as the Napoleonic War.

Britain was at war from 1793 until 1815, with only a couple of intervals. During this time there were changes in the way the army and navy were organised, supplied, and paid for, changes in politics and government, and an increase in production (both manufacturing and agricultural). It was also a period when attempts were made to reduce corruption.

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Pile of non-fiction history books

TBR list – non-fiction

I thought I’d share a pic of some of my TBR list of non-fiction books about the Georgian and Regency era. Quite a few of these are about Wellington and the Peninsular War. Others are about everyday life, including historical gardening, death and disease.

Two of the books in the pile are about women who ‘followed the drum’, and one is the diary of the wife of a soldier – as opposed to an officer. They will make fascinating reading, and I’m looking forward to blogging about them afterwards. There are also several memoirs or diaries of officers serving with Wellington – quite poignant, some of these, when we know the writer was killed not long afterwards.

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