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Travel in Regency England

This is a list of research links – these may be of interest to readers, but the list also helps me to organise my own reference materials!

Sense and Sensibility

A series of three excellent articles on travel in general, related to Sense and Sensibility, from the Jane Austen in Vermont blog.

Part 1 – including timings and costs (compared to everyday living expenses)

Part 2 – where the characters lived and the travels they undertook in the novel

Part 3 – carriages, and what your carriage said about your wealth or status

An excellent general article on travel from the Jane Austen Society of North America, and another from Jane Austen’s World.

And a summary of travel speeds from Jude Knight.


This page is on Shropshire Turnpikes, but is also a short general history of turnpike trusts and the roads they managed.

Wikipedia Turnpike trusts article

Daniel Paterson published his ‘British Itinerary’ in two volumes and many editions, with strip maps of major roads, tables of distances, Royal Mail timings, etc. The 1807 edition, Vol I, Vol II

And of course there’s always this for an enjoyable bit of ‘research’ –>

Carriages and other vehicles

How to drive a carriage

Mail coaches

A short history of Mail coaches and how they operated

Illustrated guide to the coaching inns in London that were the starting points for various Royal Mail routes:

A page on Shropshire Stage Coaches and Mail coaches, including a bit on how they were organised. The page layout isn’t great, but it contains some good information.

Hackney carriages and Watermen fares

Paying the correct fares in London


Horse breeds, from Austen Authors

Regency horse world, from Shannon Donnellly’s Fresh Ink


 My Pinterest board on transport includes images of coaches etc.