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Blog list

The blog archive on my blog page only lists articles by the month they were published, and I’m not internet-savvy enough to make it list them in more helpful ways.

So I’ve listed the blog posts here with a brief description. The links take you directly to the posts.

Daily Life

Schooling in Regency England.
Educating the poor

Educating the middle and upper classes

Houses and domestic activity

The Georgian House in Bath

Writing letters

Money and making a living

Regency money

Man-traps and poachers

Stately Homes and Gardens

I’ve separated this list into articles that are mainly about the house, and ones that are mostly about the gardens and landscaping.


Belton House, in Lincolnshire, was used as Rosings in the Firth/Ehle P&P

Barrington Court, in Somerset, reminded me of Birchanger in The Mrs MacKinnons

Blickling Hall, in Norfolk

Hardwick Hall, in Derbyshire


18th Century garden styles

Landscape designers: Kent, Brown and Repton

Ice houses, succession houses and ha-has

The kitchen gardens at Beningbrough Hall, in Yorkshire

Highnam Court in Gloucestershire was my inspiration for the house at Ashton Tracey in Sauce for the Gander.

A review of The Country House Kitchen Garden 1600-1950


Hedges now and then

Army, Navy and War

Everyday sayings – these first two are about how some of our everyday saying originate in the way things worked in the past.

Some sayings that come from the days of sailing ships

Some sayings from flintlock pistols

Prize money 

Prize money in the Navy

Prize money in the Army

Life in the armed forces

Life on sailing ships

Engineer officers in the army

Book reviews

Britain Against Napoleon, by Roger Knight