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TBR list – non-fiction

I thought I’d share a pic of some of my TBR list of non-fiction books about the Georgian and Regency era. Quite a few of these are about Wellington and the Peninsular War. Others are about everyday life, including historical gardening, death and disease.

Two of the books in the pile are about women who ‘followed the drum’, and one is the diary of the wife of a soldier – as opposed to an officer. They will make fascinating reading, and I’m looking forward to blogging about them afterwards. There are also several memoirs or diaries of officers serving with Wellington – quite poignant, some of these, when we know the writer was killed not long afterwards.

Pile of non-fiction history books
Some of my TBR pile of non-fiction books relating to the Regency period.

I bought some of these books new because I wanted to learn about a particular aspect of the period, but many were serendipitious discoveries in second-hand bookshops. There is a particularly good second-hand bookshop in Hay on Wye where I can spend a happy hour (and usually several tens of pounds) whenever I’m there.

This is the book I’m in the middle of at the moment – as you can see, it is growing multi-coloured tabs as I read. They mark little snippets that might spark ideas for stories, or interesting facts for blogging. (Edit – I’ve finished it! Book review here.)

History of part of the Regency period - book with markers in.
Books grow little coloured tabs while they’re being read.


I write stories set in the late Georgian and Regency era times because it is an interesting period of history – and the possibilities for story-telling are enormous. Britain was involved in wars from 1793 to 1815, with only a couple of short breaks, giving lots of story ideas for soldiers, sailors and spies, and the women who love them.

Eventually, I will read them all. I’d like to do book reviews for them too, here on this blog, in case any readers are interested in the history as well as stories in the historical setting.

Do leave a comment if you have any recommendations for readable history books.

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