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Audio Books

Some of my books are available as audio books from Amazon (Audible) and many other audiobook retailers. Click on the images for the Amazon buying links – you may need to click on ‘all formats’ or similar to find the audio version.

The Mrs MacKinnons Audio Book cover and Amazon buying link     Sauce for the Gander audio cover and Amazon buying link     An Embroidered Spoon audio cover and Amazon buying link.


Saving Meg audio

Saving Meg audio coverThis one is a little different. Instead of being read by a human narrator, it is read by an AI (Artificial Intelligence), based on the voice of a real actor. More about why I did this below, if you’re interested.

Some people are happy with the AI voice, some hate it! So please listen to the free sample before deciding whether or not to buy the whole thing. The sample is all of Chapter One (15 minutes).

Download the free sample chapter from BookFunnel, or listen online.


Liked the sample?  Buy the full version here (£0.99, and the equivalent price in other currencies. Around $1 in the US). Two hours listening time.

Didn’t like it but want to know what happens next? You can buy the kindle version or read on KU, or buy the paperback (also available in large print).

Why did I use AI?

AI narration is cheaper than hiring a real person, so I had Saving Meg made as an experiment to see what the quality was like. I sent the first chapter to my beta readers, and got a mixed bag of opinions. These varied from ‘couldn’t tell the difference from a real human’ and ‘much better than having Alexa read it’ to several people who hated it and didn’t listen for more than a few minutes.

It’s difficult for me to have an objective opinion after going through the recording several times proofing it. However the overall conclusion is:

  • if you like to sit down and just listen to an audio book and immerse yourself in the story, this is not for you.
  • if you listen because you are doing something that stops you reading a book (ironing, driving…), or you listen to Alexa or similar reading things for you, you’ll be fine with the AI narration.