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Captain Kempton’s Christmas

England 1814

Lieutenant Philip Kempton and Anna Tremayne fall in love during one idyllic summer fortnight. When he’s summoned to rejoin his ship, Anna promises to wait for him.

While he’s at sea, she marries someone else.

Now she’s widowed and he’s Captain Kempton. When they meet again, can they put aside betrayal and rekindle their love?

A sweet second-chance novella, available on Kindle and as a paperback and a large print paperback. Read free on Kindle Unlimited.

An Embroidered Spoon

Wales 1817

After refusing every offer of marriage that comes her way, Isolde Farrington is packed off to a spinster aunt in Wales until she comes to her senses.

Rhys Williams, there on business, is turning over his uncle’s choice of bride for him, and the last thing he needs is to fall for an impertinent miss like Izzy – who takes Rhys for a yokel.

Izzy’s new surroundings make her look at life, and Rhys, afresh. But when her father, Lord Bedley, discovers that the situation in Wales is not what he thought, and that Rhys is in trade, a gulf opens for a pair who’ve come to love each other. Will a difference in class keep them apart?

Available on Kindle Unlimited, Kindle ebook, paperback and large print paperback.

Winner of a Coffee Pot Book Club Recommended Read Award (warning – review contains spoilers!),  Chill with a Book Readers’ Award and a Discovered Diamonds Award.

The Mrs MacKinnons

England, 1799

The Mrs MacKinnons cover
Over 80 reviews on – 4.8* average

Major Matthew Southam returns from India, hoping to put the trauma of war behind him and forget his past. Instead, he finds a derelict estate and a family who wish he’d died abroad.

Charlotte MacKinnon married without love to avoid her father’s unpleasant choice of husband. Now a widow with a young son, she lives in a small Cotswold village with only the money she earns by her writing.

Matthew is haunted by his past, and Charlotte is fearful of her father’s renewed meddling in her future. After a disastrous first meeting, can they help each other find happiness at last?

Now available on audio as well as ebook and paperback.

Winner of a Discovered Diamonds Award, and a Chill with a Book Reader’s Award:

Click here  to go to Amazon for kindle, paperback or audiobook.

Download book club discussion questions here (pdf):  The Mrs MacKinnons Book Club Questions

Review from Mary Kingswood’s blog

The Marstone Series

Many of my stories will have some characters in common, although each will be stand-alone and the stories can be read in any order. The series is named after the 9th Earl of Marstone, who plays a part in all the stories. Although the 9th Earl appears in The Mrs MacKinnons , it is a very minor part, so that book is not really part of the series.

Sauce for the Gander

Book 1 of The Marstone Series, now available on Kindle and paperback, or read free on Kindle Unlimited.

A duel. An ultimatum. An arranged marriage.

England, 1777

Will, Viscount Wingrave, whiles away his time gambling and bedding married women, thwarted in his wish to serve his country by his controlling father.

News that his errant son has fought a duel with a jealous husband is the last straw for the Earl of Marstone. He decrees that Will must marry. The earl’s eye lights upon Connie Charters, unpaid housekeeper and drudge for a poor but socially ambitious father who cares only for the advantage her marriage could bring him.

Will and Connie meet for the first time at the altar. But Connie wants a husband who will love and respect her, not a womaniser and a gambler.

Their new home, on the wild coast of Devonshire, conceals dangerous secrets that threaten them and the nation. Can Will and Connie overcome the forces against them and forge a happy life together?

Now available on audio as well as ebook and paperback.

Winner of a Discovered Diamonds Award and a Chill with a Book Readers’ Award.

A Winning TrickA Winning Trick cover

A 20,000 word novella, an extended epilogue for Sauce for the Gander, set three years later.  The Kindle version is free, exclusively for readers on my mailing list (join here if you’re not already on it). A paperback edition is available if you don’t like mailing lists, or just prefer a ‘real’ book.

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A Suitable Match

Book 2 of The Marstone Series, now on pre-order. Publication date 8th May 2020 (sooner if it’s ready earlier!). It will also be available in Kindle Unlimited and (eventually) in paperback.

England 1782

Lady Isabella has been kept on a tight rein by Lord Marstone, her overbearing father. She’s excited when he packs her off to London to make an advantageous match, confident her brother will preserve her from an unsuitable alliance. But when her brother is called away on vital business, he asks Nick Carterton to stand in for him.

Nick, a scholar who relishes the quiet life, has avoided marriage for years but is finally giving in to his father’s request that he seek out a bride. Looking out for a young miss new to society is the last thing he’d choose to do.

Will Nick’s attempts to help merely reinforce Isabella’s resentment at having her life arranged for her? Can Nick keep the headstrong Isabella out of trouble, put off unsuitable suitors, and still find himself a wife?

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Playing with Fire

Book 3 of The Marstone Series, publishing 2020

France 1793

Phoebe Deane is the poor relation in the Calvac household, unwillingly accompanying her aunt and cousin on a journey into revolutionary France. Now France has declared war on England, they need to get home as soon as they can. Her aunt’s imperious manner almost gets them arrested, but a fellow traveller comes to their aid.

Alex works alone and uses many names. An impulse leads him to help the red-head and her family, but can he get them to the coast without endangering himself and his mission?

The story of a young woman using her wits and courage, gaining the confidence to choose the life she wants for herself and finding love along the way.

The Fourth Marchioness

Book 4 of The Marstone Series, publishing 2021

England 1794

This is part-written at the moment, and features three of the secondary characters from Playing with Fire.