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I write historical romance, set in the late Georgian/Regency era, published as both ebooks and paperbacks.

I was hooked on Jane Austen and Georgette Heyer as a teenager, and longed to write similar novels myself. Real life intervened, and I had several careers, including as a non-fiction author under another name. That wasn’t quite the writing career I had in mind…

So here I am, finally publishing fiction. I hope you enjoy my stories.

Jayne Davis researching historical romance

My preferred activity when not writing – sitting in

the sun in the garden with a book and a mug of tea!

Beta readers and Launch team

Any author worth their salt tries out a new novel using beta readers – these are volunteers who get a free copy of the almost-final story, and give their opinions on the plot, the characters, and anything they specifically liked or didn’t like.

The Mrs MacKinnons is nearing its final stages – editors have read, commented and made suggestions that will make the story stronger, and I’ve made these changes. What really counts is what the final readers think, so it’s time for beta readers!

A ‘launch team’ is another bunch of volunteers who get a free copy of the ebook (an ‘Advance Review Copy’) a week or so before it goes on sale, and are willing to leave a review on Amazon or other sites such as Goodreads. Having positive reviews appear soon after the launch date really helps sales.

Amazon have got stricter with their reviewing guidelines recently, and won’t publish reviews that indicate the free copy was given on condition that the recipient gives a review, but it would be very nice if they did!

If you are interested in being a beta reader or being part of the launch team, please email me via the contact page. You can also sign up for my newsletter there, if you wish.


The newsletter will be used to pass on news of works in progress, publication dates, special offers, etc. You will not be bombarded with emails! There will probably only be a few newsletters a year.

Other ways to keep in touch

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  Take a look at my Pinterest boards – lots of Regency and Georgian fashion, places and everyday life.